Our Mission and Our Story:

Our Mission:

“To provide the best concealment and comfort on the hunt, while practicing conservation and education to our youths; to help preserve and give back to our natural resource, that provides abundance for the South-Eastern Hunter.”

Our Story:

FL Camo was founded in 2014 by passionate hunters who felt the need for new camouflage patterns and fabrics specific to Florida and the Southern United States unique landscapes and environments. With decades of combined years of experience in the Florida and Southern woods, we developed these patterns and performance hunting gear to give you the best advantage you can in the field. 

Our 100% original patterns are custom created by FL Camo founding owner and Professional Florida Wildlife artist, Peter Agardy. 100% Original designs incorporated with photo-realistic custom painted and graphic-designs blend a variation of realistic and digital elements; including FL Camo Palmetto, FL Camo Hammock and FL Camo Glades keep you concealed in your hunting terrain more than any other camouflage on the market offered in Florida and the Southeastern USA.

With today’s modern advances in fabrics and materials, we have spent years researching and putting different materials to the test, after four versions over 5 years of our shirts and years of research and development on our pants we finally have products that perfectly suit Florida’s HOT, Humid, wet and some times even cold hunting conditions. We have expanded the lineup to cooler weather gear to suit your needs in the winter and early spring, and adding layering systems into our product line. We are always evolving our products to make them better in the field. We will continue to strive to be the leader in hunting clothing and patterns suited for Florida and the Southeastern USA. 

We engage in a wide variety of hunting throughout the state of Florida and throughout the country, from public land hunting, Osceola Turkey hunts, to managing Quality Whitetail Deer Management programs. We are proud sponsors and advocates of youth hunting programs throughout the state, land conservation efforts throughout the southeast, and ethical hunting practices. We respect our lands, and encourage all hunters to do the same. We are hunters, the stewards of the land. 

So, in 2014 we created our first palmetto pattern; however, the pattern creation was started many many years before that, in the woods, observing the beauty of the habitats of the animals that we hunt. From the time we could walk, these woods have been home to us during hunting seasons and the off seasons as well. We have revised 4 versions of that original Palmetto Camo pattern to make it the most advanced Palmetto habitat pattern ever created to hunt in Florida and the Southeastern Scrub and pine wood flats habitat.

We Launched "FL Camo Glades" pattern in 2014 as well and has undergone minor adjustments to make it the most suitable waterfowl hunting pattern for Florida and early seasons, adding more green, and taking reference from Floridas unique grasses. 

FL Camo introduced the latest pattern "Hammock" to the lineup in 2019, and has since risen to become one of the most popular Patterns for our customers. We consider it to be the most advanced and diverse pattern on the market for hunting in Florida and Southeastern habitats, incorporating Oaks, Pines, Cypress bark, Spanish moss, palm fronds, ferns and more. Fl Camo Hammock is a generally "Darker" pattern which proves itself especially in low light conditions.