Created for Success

Osceola Dreams

Created for Success in Florida and the Southeastern states. Camo patterns and perfromance fabrics made for Florida and the Southeast’s extremely unique habitats. The most suited camo for hunting The South. Starting in 2014, we have strived to develop original patterns and materials for the diverse Florida and Southeastern habitats and environments, in which Osceola Turkeys, Whitetails and many species thrive. FL Camo stands behind its success in the field. 

Still or Stalk

Year after year of proven success hunting Southern Whitetails have helped hone our patterns , materials and fits to what they are today. Flexibility, Control and Comfort in the tree stand or stalking the woods. 

Florida Fowling

FL Camo Glades continues to provide you with ultimate concealment in Florida's Everglades water systems, swamps, lakes and other everglades habitats, due to its matching color scheme of more green than most waterfowl patterns. For almost a decade, we've been keeping Florida duck hunters concealed in the swamps.


“Honeycomb's collaboration with FL CAMO is founded on proven performance. The FL CAMO clothing is perfect for turkey hunting, with its lightweight, breathable fabric that seamlessly blends into Florida's swamps and pine thickets. Furthermore, their customer service team is outstanding and will help you maximize your Florida experience!”

Daniel Wentworth - honeycomb Custom Calls founder and callmaker

This is my go-to gear for hunting the toughest southern wetlands and uplands. Lightweight, durable, and perfectly matched to conceal you in Florida’s distinct terrain, FL CAMO is it.

Richard Martinez - chairman of BHA Florida

"As a successful hunting guide in Florida, hunting gear is a top priority. I have been using FL Camo since 2014 and the quality and concealment is Next Level!"

KC Leitner , River Oak Outfitters

"The Brown Team loves FL CAMO! Hands down the best camo out there. I wear the Palmetto for Turkey hunting and just got the new Hammock pattern, can't wait for deer season. I definitely recommend all Florida hunters check it out"

John 'Pecan' Brown

"Very high quality material & excellent communication with seller. The hoodie I ordered online was even better in person than highly exceeded my expectations!"

Sara Brooker