Wood Hunting Saddles

Buy USA made FL Camo Hammock Wood Saddles Direct by clicking the product listed below:

FL Camo Hammock Wood Hunting Saddle DELUXE $244.99

FL Camo Hammock Wood Hunting Saddle DELUXE KIT $365.99

FL Camo Hammock Wood Hunting Saddle Gear bags / Dump pouch $19.99

2 Florida brands unite to bring you the most suited Hunting Saddle for the Southeastern USA.

We have Teamed up with Robert Wood, founder and creator of Wood Hunting Saddles to offer a Saddle that can not only complete your FL Camo Hammock Pattern setup, but give you the greatest advantage you can have, for saddle hunting Florida and the Southeastern USA, by integrating our unique Hammock pattern on their highly acclaimed saddle and gear bags.

From Wood Saddles:

Saddles you can Trust

For years we hunted out of one man hang-on stands or a two man ladder stand, until one day we went out for a hunt and our two man was ransacked! Everything that could be stripped away was! We decided we needed a change. Something light enough to be easily transported and durable enough to last more than a season or two. We had heard about saddle hunting and with a background in electrical utility work, the know how to use a work positioning harness, spikes, and a lineman's belt were all there. It was just figuring out how to make it work for us. We went to work making our design, seeking the right shape, and materials to create a saddle that is suitable for any position not just preferential to one. A saddle that is rigid and durable but still moves with you and provides comfort in your hunt. After some trial and error, the model design was crafted and has only gotten better. 


Our goal was not to start a company out of this venture, but as word started to spread, and a local demand for our product developed we decided that if we were going to sell our products we were going to do it right. We have invited feedback from focus groups of people ranging from Seasoned Saddle Hunters,  Utility Linemen, Women, and even a few young bucks just wanting to try a tree saddle out. We met all the check marks on our FAS/FBH Independent third party testing, and we are proudly liability insured!


As avid outdoorsmen we know comfort and safety is of the utmost importance. Which is why we strive to make equipment geared to the environment and the hunter ensuring sturdy equipment, and a safe, comfortable hunt. We want our customer's to trust the use of our products for years to come.  



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