FL Camo Patterns

In 2014 we created our first palmetto pattern; although the pattern creation was started many many years before that, in the woods, observing the beauty of the habitats of the animals that we hunt. From the time we could walk, these woods have been home to us during hunting seasons and the off seasons as well. 

Since 2014  we have revised 4 versions of that original Palmetto Camo pattern to make it the most advance Palmetto pattern ever created to hunt in Florida and the Southeastern Scrub and pine wood flats habitat.

We Launched "FL Camo Glades" pattern in 2014 as well and has undergone minor adjustments to make it the most suitable waterfowl hunting pattern for Florida, adding more green, and taking reference from Floridas unique grasses. 

FL Camo introduced the latest pattern "Hammock" to the lineup in 2019, and has since risen to become one of the most popular Patterns for our customers. We consider it to be the most advanced and diverse pattern on the market for hinting in Florida and Southeastern habitats, incorporating Oaks, Pines, Spanish moss, palms, ferns and more. Fl Camo Hammock is a generally "Darker" pattern which proves itself in low light conditions as well.