Fleece Lined Shell Jacket - FL Camo Palmetto

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One of the more advanced garments we have developed and offered. Perfect for those chilling cold mornings, early Spring Turkey mornings or in the tree stand late season. This jacket keeps you warm!

This heavy jacket is fleece lined with a wind proof outer shell and has a detachable elastic, cinching hood. Fleece lined hand pockets, low profile front chest stash pockets and inside zipper pocket. Featuring a snug fit inner cuff to keep the sleeve from falling down too far. Also a light elastic cinch on the bottom of the jacket to fit snug.

This jacket is the real deal, Prior to production, We tested them hard for the second half of Florida deer season 2020, a 10 day late November Hunting trip in Montana, and finished out the Alabama deer season with them in January and really put them to the test. We are excited to continue to bring you new advanced products like these.