FL Camo X Honeycomb Custom Calls - 3x Combo pack Diaphragm calls

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FL Camo X Honeycomb Custom Calls . 3x custom cut combo pack diaphragm calls. Honeycomb Custom Calls and FL CAMO have teamed up again to develop and produce this custom cut combo pack, providing a wide range of sounds that cover a large range of calling. Each call is handmade by Florida based call maker Daniel Wentworth. 


The offset ghost cut is a Honeycomb and FL CAMO favorite. After exhausting all of those raspy mouth calls, bring out the secret weapon. Smooth, high-pitched yelps, soft purrs, and wines are this call’s bread and butter. Kee-Kee run with ease and bring in those stubborn gobblers with this custom offset ghost cut. 


The three reed split V is one of the most frequently used mouth calls. It is a medium tension call that features clean yelps and sharp cuts. It requires slightly more air pressure but it is perfect to use when searching for a lonely gobbler, or calling to his hens.


The combo cut is designed for both weekend Warriors and the most diehard hunters. This three reed call is able to reach out to gobblers at a distance but can also lower the volume when they are in range. Expect hard sharp cuts and raspy yelps with this one.