FL Camo X Honeycomb Custom Calls - 2nd Edition - Aluminum Pot Call

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A collaboration of Florida based companies. This is the Second Edition of FL CAMO X Honeycomb Custom Calls, 41 total hand numbered Aluminum surface pot calls and 30 available for online purchase 15 of each Palmetto and Hammock patterns. These are hand crafted custom calls from Florida Cherry Wood harvested by the family of call maker Daniel Wentworth. Each call includes 2 laser engraved paired strikers, a purple heart and a hickory, and a surface conditioning pad. 

“Honeycomb Custom Calls aims to bring you quality, easy to use turkey calls that are full of energy, and are crafted to consistently perform. The cherrywood timber used for each call harvested locally in Florida is loaded with character. The unique honeycomb shape provides a steady grip allowing the user to strike the same area consistently, increasing confidence and reliability. The Aluminum surface provides, generally, a mid pitch that you can alter to higher load depending on your strike and calling technique, the times simply can’t resist” 

-Daniel Wentworth / Honeycomb Custom Calls